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Why You Need More Arsenic in Your Diet.

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Wait what? I thought arsenic was poison?

Well yes and no, there is a huge difference between organic and inorganic arsenic. Just like there is a huge difference between the iron you get from eating a steak and iron ore mined from the earth. Bear with me for a moment here, because things are about to get nerdy. The main difference between naturally occurring organic arsenic and inorganic heavy-metal arsenic is carbon. Organic arsenic has been covalently bonded to carbon atoms, while the scary metallic form lacks these bonds. Arsenic is a very interesting essential trace mineral that gets a very bad rap.

If you see these lines in your face you should be concerned that your lymphatic system isn't functioning properly. These lines between the eyebrows are the facial sign for an arsenic iodide deficiency, this is the one facial sign that concerns me the most in my clients. Arsenic iodide is crucial to the lymphatic system, which is really like our body's underground sewer. It helps remove waste, excess fluids, and toxins. When a persons lymphatic system isn't functioning properly they are at an increased risk of disease.

Did you know that even mainstream medicine uses a drug called Arsenic Trioxide as a form of chemotherapy? It does seem strange that we are told arsenic is deadly poison while also being told that its a very promising treatment in curing cancer, doesn't it?

Here is some more fun sciencey stuff for all of my friends interested in deeper research about arsenic as well as other elements that we never thought of as nutrients, actually being essential minerals.

Now, this little bit of information doesn't mean that everyone should go out and start eating whatever form of arsenic they can find, in fact DO NOT do this. There are multiple toxicity issues with high levels of metallic arsenic in our water supply as well as agricultural chemicals. Arsenic contamination from a pesticide called DMA that used to be used for growing rice and cotton is still prevalent in soils today and is a major factor in the high levels of toxic arsenic in rice, especially rice grown in Asia. Like I said above, there are forms your body uses as a mineral and there are forms that are poison. The three forms I use are homeopathic cell salts; copper arsenite, arsenic iodide, and potassium arsenite. They are dosed appropriately for the human body as trace minerals and they do wonders for different mental health challenges, lymphatic function, fungal infections, asthma and lung challenges, skin aging, anemia and more. There is no health challenge in the world that cant be significantly improved with the use of functional nutrition.


Legal Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. I am not a doctor, I do not diagnose, treat, or cure diseases. I am not recommending that anybody supplement with any form of arsenic without consulting with a professional.

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