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Why You Need Mineral Supplementation

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

I eat healthy so why do I need extra minerals?

Because, tracking for the density of minerals in our agricultural soils and the plant-based foods, that are grown in those soils began being recorded in 1914, as a result of the acknowledgment that the failure to fallow the growing fields was resulting in a great reduction of nutritional minerals, causing great increases in many health issues and diseases.

Even though it has been acknowledged for over 100 years, not a single thing to prevent or correct the depreciation of minerals and agricultural soils has ever been done. In fact, just the opposite because the introduction of chemical herbicides and pesticides in the nineteen sixties made the issue even worse, as identified in the 1992 Rio Earth Summit.

It is the United Nations Summit that identified that we were then facing a loss of 85% of the trace minerals in our agricultural soils and plant-based foods from the time that tracking began in 1914.

Instead of resolving this, our federal governments, here in North America, and in other places in the world, decided that they would manipulate the numbers and only admit that there is a loss of mineral density in our foods, showing you tracking of mineral density from only 1950 and forward, after the greatest depreciation of mineral density had already occurred.

Here are some references for you, that will open your eyes to the realization that optimal health can never be achieved without mineral supplementation, if our food system is deprived, then we will remain deprived, and the illnesses and health issues that are associated with those deficiencies will present themselves at one point or another.

Scientific American magazine acknowledges this issue, but pay very close attention to the studies in which they list, which undervalue the depreciated mineral density. None of them go back to 1914, and none of them calculate up until current day:

UC Berkeley and Texas A&M both recognize that over-farming is eroding our agricultural soils and destroying the nutrients:

The Nutrition Security Institute actually included at least some data going back to the beginning of mineral density tracking in 1914, and the numbers will shock you: *Note: This Institute has since closed, in 2018, but the information is still available through

The American Society for Microbiology acknowledges soil depletion and while they do not talk specifically about the mineral loss, they widely recognize it in this peer-reviewed study, where they identify that a deadly bacteria is being formed in agricultural soils that has between a 40% and 70% mortality rate in those in which it infects, as a direct result from soil depletion:

The American, National Academy of Sciences identifies mineral loss and agricultural soils up to 87%, for some minerals in agricultural soils in Hawaii:

Cornell University talks about the heavily depleted soils, but the only thing they care about is the financial impact upon the farmer. Not the people eating the deficient food:

While almost none of these folks want to talk about the health impact on human beings and pretend like the issue does not exist, it is actually a worldwide issue, that is not just limited to North America and Australia. Here they identify the soil depletion in southern Mali:

Here is an article from the Guardian, that quote studies completed in the UK and Canada that shows how bad it really is. In 2002, here in Canada, they identified unbelievable losses of minerals in our plant-based foods:

The Journal of Nutrition and Health, while this is only an abstract, identifies the relationship between the mineral loss in our agricultural soils and plant-based foods with its direct links to physical and mental health issues:

And here we have the Journal of the American College of Nutrition feeding the world full of bullshit and identifying or admitting significant losses of mineral density in our plant-based foods, but they only start tracking from 1950 instead of 1914. This is how they are literally trying to understate just how substantial and dramatic the mineral loss and our food is today:

The BMJ Postgraduate Journal identifies some of the diseases and illnesses brought on by soil erosion, and the loss of mineral density in our foods:

The Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology, identifies the loss of mineral density in wheat, over the last 160 years:

The Journal of Microbiology Ecology in Health and Medicine, identify something that I have talked to you all about previously, and that is that selenium is just about gone in our agricultural soils. In California for instance, where most of the Brazil nuts that people are eating in hopes of rebuilding their selenium stores naturally, have no selenium at all. Because there is none left in the soil in California:

Hey Canadians, do you think that this is an American issue and not a Canadian issue? Here is what the Globe and Mail had to say in 2002, 10 years after the 1992 Rio Earth Summit, where the media was silenced about the results released from that summit and just how deficient our soils are here in North America, Australia, and the UK, but also an issue pretty much all over the world:

What you will notice is that the consistent theme of all of this scientific research has very little to do with human health and the impacts upon it from soil depletion. The reason for that is that the governments shut down the media and silenced them after the 1992 Rio Earth Summit because there was worldwide outrage.

Instead of trying to do anything at all to circumvent the issue, they instead silenced the media and no longer reported mineral density in our soils at the United Nations, Earth Summits.

Because in the 1992 Rio Earth Summit, it was identified that agricultural herbicides and pesticides were as much a part of the loss of mineral density in our plant-based foods, I am going to add some conjecture here without any proof, that Big-Agra companies may have been behind the silencing of the media and the critics. It seems to be what they do best.

The last disclosure that identified our losses of minerals in our plant-based foods, identified an 85% reduction in minerals, and that was 27 years ago. Nobody has reported since.

My point of this is not to scare you, but to inform you, and help you recognize that optimal health cannot reasonably be expected through nutrition alone anymore. When we add functional supplements designed for the specific deficiencies of each individual we can achieve radiant health. You can feel well again. We are here to help.

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