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Is it really cancer? Or is it syphilis?

Syphilis is known as the great imitator, and has this false stigma of it only being a sexually transmitted disease, which is completely and absolutely false. The first recorded identification of syphilitic infections was about 700 years ago, and even in today’s medical science, they acknowledge that syphilitic infections can be inherited from your parents. Then passed on from generation to generation, for many and even most people, being asymptomatic (having no symptoms) for much of your life.

It is quite possible, that most of the planet is walking around right now with dormant syphilis in their body. And I literally mean most of the planet. But that it only becomes activated when the immune system is highly compromised.

For the last 50 years, they have identified a substance that is produced by a syphilitic infection by the name of “Gumma”, which is a substance that compounds and not only presents as malignant tumors in imaging, but also has frequently been misdiagnosed as malignancies through lab testing as well.

How many times are syphilitic infections that are diagnosed as malignancies not identified? That is the burning question, how many lives can be saved by a shift in paradigm?

If you are ever diagnosed with cancer, of any sort, and in any location, ask for the biopsy to be viewed under dark field microscope to identify if there are any bacterial spirochetes in the “tumor”. You may save your own life.

Here is a list of articles from medical journals that identify this exact issue:

Syphilitic gumma misdiagnosed as a brain tumor

Syphilis mimicking malignant bone tumors

Syphilis misdiagnosed as lymphoma lesions

Syphilis misdiagnosed as cancer of the lymph nodes

Syphilis misdiagnosed as a brain tumor once again

Syphilis misdiagnosed as testicular cancer

Syphilis misdiagnosed as a pituitary tumor

Syphilis misdiagnosed as spinal meningioma

Another case of syphilis mimicking testicular tumors

Syphilis mimicking gastric neoplasms

Syphilis mimicking rectal cancer

Syphilis mimicking metastatic brain tumors once again

Syphilis mimicking T-cell lymphoma

Gastric syphilis mimicking lymphoma

Syphilis mimicking skin cancer

Syphilis mimicking lung cancer spreading to the chest wall

Syphilis mimicking liver cancer

Syphilis mimicking cancer in the lymphatic cancer

Syphilis mimicking skin cancer once again

Syphilis mimicking stomach cancer

Syphilis mimicking lymphoma once again

I like to keep these articles short and free of unnecessary babble, but if this is you or a loved one please reach out and we can use kinesiology testing to determine if you are infected. Remember there is not a disease on earth which has no solutions.

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