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Wrinkles Are Not Natural Signs of Aging

Sounds crazy right? What if you didn't have to look or feel your age? What if I told you that nourishing your cells with proper supplementation can reverse or stop the degeneration of the skin? In this article I am going to give you some of the answers to the most common cosmetic complaints.

Calcium Sulfide deficiency is responsible for wrinkles under the eyes, notice how much they soften between the two pictures. What is even more apparent is how the stress and asymmetry held around the eyes has also completely relaxed.

This is a prime example of what inflammation looks like, and how much smoother and brighter the skin looks once its corrected. The keys to fixing the large pores, shininess, and yellowing of the skin are sodium sulphate and sodium phosphate.

Those deep "wtf" lines in the middle of the forehead are an arsenic iodide deficiency, these are the lines that concern me the most in my clients because they are also an indication of the lymphatic system being compromised, which is a very important pathway for detoxification. Think of the lymph system as your body's sewer, it allows waste products in your body to be moved out! Where it belongs. Another remarkable change in this lovely woman is around the eyes. Calcium carbonate for hanging skin above the upper eyelids, selenium, calcium flouride, and potassium iodide all played a role here in lifting and brightening up that eye area.

Turkey neck be gone! Sodium phosphate and silica both played a role in lifting and tightening the neck skin.

Remember your body makes an entirely new layer of skin every 27 days, and that skin is made from the nutrients in your diet. Are you building the face you want? Book a consultation with me to get access to our formulas designed for your unique individual needs before resorting to the knife or the needle. *Disclaimer: All of these women are beautiful inside and out, this post is not intended to criticize or insult any of these clients who were brave enough to share their photos. The purpose of this is to share how women can look and feel better about themselves at any age. Getting older is inevitable, but aging is a choice.

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