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So What Do We Do?

I practice an evidence based form of Homeopathy called Goyetche Cellular Response Therapy. This is quite different from a different homeopathic practice because the cornerstone of our treatment uses tissue salts instead of plant extracts. Schuessler tissue salts were developed in the mid-eighteen hundreds by a German medical doctor with the name of Dr. Wilhelm Schuessler MD. He identified the 12 main cellular nutrients lacking in unhealthy people, that were present in healthy people, and then he identified the indications of those deficiencies by way of health issues and disease that will can or will occur during deficiencies.

Please note, that while homeopathy has adopted tissue salts as their own, tissue salts are not actually homeopathy. It is actually pretty much the opposite of homeopathy. It is functional nutrition versus the law of similars that is used in homeopathy. The only reason why they are potentized using homeopathic dosing is that this was the only method of dosing available in the mid-eighteen hundreds, low enough for the required human dosage of micronutrients.

There are distinct facial signs of deficiencies that were considered to be directly linked to specific tissue salts. With the help of kinesiology-based testing, we have separated fact from fiction, and created a modified and far more simplistic approach to identifying high probability deficiencies. All of our clients are taught how to do kinesiology testing on themselves so they can determine what the body needs or rejects in their day to day lives far outside the scope of our practice.

Think of this like a customized multi-mineral supplement tailored to your body's specific needs. Our tissue salts carry a negative ionic charge which makes them highly bioavailable. Find out why you need mineral supplementation

Sarcodes are another one that was adopted by homeopathy, but really do not belong in homeopathy, because the only method of potentization, low enough, at the time that they became more widely used, was to use the homeopathy method of dosing. They actually go back to early Egypt, long before homeopathy ever existed and are currently used in some mainstream medicines today. These are actual biological samples from a cow, pig, sheep, or human that are potentized in doses that will either stimulate, normalize or sedate/detoxify, the same organ, tissue, gland, hormone, protein etc., that is being used.

Nosodes are also biological samples, but unlike sarcodes, nosodes are pathogens and only used at high sedation/detoxification potencies, because we never want to stimulate or normalize an infection, and this is the one that does follow the principles of homeopathy to a degree. This is where we can take pathogens, such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi, and sedate the actual infection to allow the immune system the opportunity to detoxify and remove even small remnants of the infection itself.

This approach has been instrumental in improving the lives of countless people over the last two decades. Our aim going forward is to make this form of functional nutrition available to everyone who needs it. Send us a message today and find out what we could do for you.

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